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Balance - Homeostasis

Understanding this concept with a holistic approach and attending to all the cases that KEVAL health personnel live in consultation is without doubt what gives us the ability to transmit, explain and solve the vast majority of the questions that we face in day to day.



Because this is how our organism works in the broadest sense and if there is something that is failing we must find the tools destined to investigate the ways necessary to return to that balance that allows each of our cells can develop their own functions and establish a systemic synergy so that the whole is sustainable.

This is Homeostasis, the ability of the body to maintain and regulate its internal conditions using various mechanisms to maintain these conditions constant. Throughout the article I will try to provide the minimum possible definitions to be able to illustrate with examples everything I try to explain, which I think is essentially interesting and necessary to understand how important it is to internalize these concepts.


Examples of balance?

Apart from what we can find in any search such as; body temperature, blood pressure, glucose levels, pH conditions and concentration of nutrients necessary for our cells to work correctly, typical examples experienced week by week in consultation can be:

  • Amenorrhea - Fat%
  • Cortisol - Hormonal impact
  • Testosterone - Estrogen
  • TSH (thyroid) - Activation capacity
  • Dopamine - Serotonin
  • Adaptogens - Sleep conciliation
  • Probiotics - Gastrointestinal imbalances
  • Use of anabolics - Hormonal axis
  • Prolactin / Cortisol - Fluid retention
  • Water / Carbohydrates - Cellulite
  • Sports - Collagen

I could continue citing several more examples where the search for that balance that we have been talking about since the beginning of the article is the key for situations such as:

  • Facilitate the way for our body to have an optimal neurotransmitter functioning and the levels of dopamine and serotonin are adequate.
  • Know how to combat high stress levels (physical or emotional) that are having a negative hormonal impact.
  • Balance the adequate intake of carbohydrates and liquid to reduce the sensation of cellulite that worries women so much.
  • What kind and amount of sport needed to stimulate the formation of collagen or avoid the loss of it.
  • Periodicity to restore the intestinal flora and the positive repercussion that it has not only in the gastrointestinal area but in the emotional one.
  • How to restore the hormonal axis after the use of anabolic substances according to degree of inhibition and drugs used.
  • How to balance the level of testosterone - estrogen and facilitate that testosterone levels are usable (DHT - Free Testosterone).

There is something we must understand that is very important, we cannot assume doing things in a certain way and always be well, or put another way, do not pretend that what works for us one month does the next because there are constant changes in the internal or external environment of the cells. There are parameters that vary hour by hour, day by day and we must act accordingly, helping the body to carry out those mechanisms that make us capable of facing what we propose.

To conclude I leave a very characteristic example of HOMEOSTASIS. Each year that passes increases the population with problems related to Diabetes, mainly due to poor diet management.

Homeostasis - NEED Supplements blog

April 04, 2019 by NEED® Supplements